Cumbria Crack

Two arrested in county lines crackdown

Yesterday (25th February) Cumbria Police took part in ‘Project Medusa’ a regional operation led by Merseyside Police, to crackdown on county lines activity in the North West.

Cumbria Police together with Merseyside, Lancashire, Scotland and the British Transport Police carried out drugs warrants and targeted railway stations, bus stations and motorways looking out for suspicious activity in the North West of the country as part of the intensification day.

Cumbria Police undertook one warrant on Cross Street, Workington where two people were arrested on suspicion of drug possession with intent to supply. They have both since been released under investigation.

This day of action highlights the work that Cumbria Police do throughout the year to tackle crime, helping to keep Cumbria a safe place to live.

Detective Inspector Patrick McDonnell of Cumbria Police, said: “County lines is an exploitive type of drug supply that devastates local communities. The actions of Project Medusa sends a strong message that we are determined to tackle it. Working together with other forces cross border is vital in ensuring that we catch the criminals involved, right the way up from the lowest level to the people at the top of the chain.

“The major point to get across from this day is that our forces are far more effective together, allowing us to have a sustained impact on county lines activity.

“This operation was about showing drug dealers that the police will do all in our power to bring them to justice and in relation to anyone tempted to use or addicted to illegal drugs – please do not get involved with these criminals and seek medical help.”

Police would like to take this opportunity to encourage the public to report information on drug supply in their local communities.

Anyone with information, or anyone who feels that they are being targeted by drug dealers or know someone who is, are asked to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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