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Cumbria Police secure two interim Stalking Protection Orders

Carlisle Magistrates Court

Yesterday (Feb 27), Cumbria Constabulary successfully applied for two separate and unrelated interim Stalking Protection Orders at Carlisle Magistrates Court.

Both applications were presented by the Constabulary’s Legal Service Department in relation to acts by,

  • Andrew Grant, aged 44, of no fixed address Carlisle
  • Peter Tuck, aged 49 of Oaklands Drive, Carlisle

The Orders were applied for as both had subjected victims to campaigns of acts associated with stalking upon the breakdown of their respective relationships.

As a consequence of being subject of stalking both Grant’s and Tuck’s victims had suffered harm.

Miss Winter, legal advisor for the Constabulary urged the Court that it was appropriate to make interim Orders which will last until the substantive applications have been determined.

The interim Orders, which were imposed by District Judge Chalk, are intended to provide each victim with protection against further acts of stalking perpetrated by Grant and Tuck.

The provisions of each interim order are worded to protect against the specific and different acts in which both Grant and Tuck have said to have carried out.

If either are found to have breached a provision of the interim Orders they commit a criminal offence for which they may be sentenced to up to five years imprisonment.  Determination of the substantive applications will take place later in the year.

Commenting upon the implementation of the Stalking Protection Act 2029 Detective Chief Inspector Dan St Quintin said: “Stalking is a very serious offence which causes significant harm to victims and their families. The new Stalking Protection Orders which were introduced in January aim to improve the safety of victims and those affected by stalking.

“They are a great tool to prevent fixated, obsessive and unwanted behaviour. Acts associated with stalking include, but are not limited to; loitering in a public or private place to come into contact with the victim, monitoring the victim’s social media and internet use, contacting or attempting to contact the victim, watching or spying on the victim, interfering with the victims’ property and publishing material relating to the victim.

“Breaches of these orders will be taken seriously by the constabulary.  Stalking may often not be reported by victims initially despite the destructive effect upon their lives due to the acts they are being subjected to perhaps appearing trivial at first or due to victims feeling fearful, paranoid or intimidated by their perpetrators.

“The Constabulary are determined to tackle perpetrators of stalking robustly and I encourage anyone to contact us if you believe you are a victim of stalking or have concerns relating to someone you feel may be being stalked.”

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