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The Wainwright Award for 2019

Mayor of Kendal, Cllr Alvin Finch, presenting the award to Mary Smith, Chief Executive, Growing Well

The Wainwright Award for 2019 was presented to Growing Well by the Mayor of Kendal, Cllr Alvin Finch, on Monday 2nd March at the start of the Council meeting.

The Annual Award is “presented to the person, or persons, club, association, society or other local body (political activities excluded), who, or which, in the opinion of the Administrators of the Trust, has done most during the year to promote the prestige of Kendal, or has contributed significantly to the betterment of its inhabitants”.

Growing Well was nominated by a Kendal resident because it is an “inclusive and welcoming environment for local people with mental health difficulties to volunteer and flourish at a time when the NHS is so overstretched and the benefits of getting outside are so often talked about. The work is meaningful producing vegetable boxes for retail to the local community.  The staff are empathetic yet also challenge the volunteers to get the best from their time there, developing new skills as well as building relationships with others. There is a real sense of community; the shared meals produced onsite are of a high standard and the setting is beautiful. This award celebrates the continued success and growth of the organisation.”

The award was received by the Chief Executive of Growing Well, Mary Smith who said “It is so special to be recognised by our local community in this way and to have been nominated by one of our participants for this award. We are passionate about the work we do with Kendalians and many others across South Lakeland to improve their mental health and rediscover their self-worth. Growing Well has been here for over 15 years and is privileged to offer a vital service to this community.”

The Mayor of Kendal, Cllr Alvin Finch, said “I was thrilled to be able to award the 2019 Wainwright Award to such a worthwhile organisation. The work Growing Well do is so important to the residents of Kendal and the surrounding area. I wish them continued success.”

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