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Penrith music producer releases new track

Intaka (Scott McLoughlin) is a music producer from Penrith. His work draws on a fascination with norse ancestry; particularly the echoes that can still be heard within northern words and dialects.

His work explores how inherited old language and histories subtly shape personal relationships with the Lake District, and provide a spectral, elusive, foundation for his own sense of identity. Intaka (Scott) splits his time between creativity in the wilds of the North, and seeking out a living amidst the noise, pollution & technology of the south. These two spheres of his life often clash in his music.

His track Himinioðurr (which roughly translates from the Old Norse as Horizon) was primarily inspired by the wind and the sky. It was written on a blustery day as a means of escape, and a way to calm the soul; drawing on musical influences such as Brian Eno, Erland Cooper, Erik Sartie, and Olafur Arnalds. Horizon started life as a minimalist piano piece. It was written and designed to leave space for the listener to hear details in the world around them, in turn changing the context of the track.

As the track developed, strings, low-key beats, and points of intrigue & fascination were added; giving the listener something new to find within the song on every repeat. Finally, and somewhat by chance, words were paired with the music. Supplied by Intaka’s school friend and poet (James) Graybyname. His spoken words forming an alternative shipping forecast; playfully subverting the concepts of forecasting by updating the listener on slow moving geological changes. In the completed track, skyward music and grounded lyrics meet at the horizon line.

The accompanying music video, created by Penrith based videographer Richie Johnston (Optical Vitamins), further explores concepts of ‘Horizon’, and experiments in creating dissymmetry from symmetry. Richie’s aim being to create something picturesque that is subtly jarring, and makes the viewer look twice. Coupled with the music, the short film offers the viewer a visual focus for a moment of peaceful escapism. Richie’s beautiful videography capturing both movement in the Sky through clouds and wind, and the static timeless beauty of the Cumbrian landscape.

Himinioðurr is the first of many tracks from Intaka, who plans to release more new music throughout 2020.

Listen on Soundcloud:

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