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Record Breaking Fundraiser Fair for NSPCC

A fundraising fair for the NSPCC has raised a record breaking total in Carlisle.

At Carlisle’s most recent annual Gold, Frankincense, and More fair, an amazing £12,933 was raised. This is well in excess of the £12,500 raised by the event the previous year.

This sum will enable the NSPCC to make a big difference to the lives of children in and around Cumbria.

The fair featured a selection of independent stallholders from Cumbria and across the UK, who come together every year to help raise money for the children’s charity.

Juliet Westoll MBE, Chair of the North Cumbria Branch Fundraising Committee: “We are thrilled to see the total raised from our most recent ‘Gold, Frankincense and More’ fair. The fair takes a year for us to plan, and moments like this make it all worthwhile.

“It is a great team effort and we are all so pleased to be able to support the incredibly important and sensitive work of the NSPCC.”

Sandra Jones, the local Community Fundraising Manager for the NSPCC said: “The fair is always incredibly popular, and it’s thanks to Juliet and her team that we can put on events of this scale.

“The money raised will be going towards helping children in Cumbria, including through our school service which reach primary school children across the county.”

1 in every 5 children has suffered from abuse and neglect, but by raising money through something as simple as joining in local fundraising events, you can help the NSPCC reach even more children to educate them on the importance of staying safe and speaking to a trusted adult if they feel threatened or scared.

It costs £3 for us to reach one primary school child with our ‘Speak Out. Stay Safe.’ assembly, meaning the amount raised at the fair will help our volunteers reach another 4,311 children, empowering them to speak out about abuse and neglect.

Last year, our Speak Out. Stay Safe. service reached 10,871 children at 103 schools in Cumbria. The NSPCC wants a whole generation of children to know what abuse is, that it’s never a child’s fault and who to turn to if they ever need to talk.

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