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Small Wonders Childcare rated outstanding by Ofsted

Small Wonders Childcare in Grange-Over-Sands

Small Wonders Childcare in Grange-Over-Sands has done it again!

For the second consecutive time they have been judged as ‘Outstanding in all areas’ in their latest Ofsted inspection. They were inspected under the new September Education Inspection Framework, which on average only 29% of previous Outstanding settings retain their Outstanding grade, this is a fantastic achievement and thoroughly well deserved.

Julie Stonier and her team of childminding assistants are absolutely over the moon to have been recognised again for all their expert understanding of how children learn and develop, providing an incredibly loving, nurturing and safe environment for the children to flourish and excel.

Small Wonders is situated in the heart of Grange over Sands, with beautiful views across the bay, a large garden designed with the children in mind, equipped with an wooden playhouse, swing, slide, mud kitchen and much more to keep children engaged for hours on end in the fresh air. It is within a short walk to the promenade and recently renovated park.

Julie has been a childminder for over 11 years, during this time they have cared for over 145 children around the the local area. This has given Julie and her team an amazing insight and wealth of experience over the years, gaining knowledge and understanding how children learn, develop and thrive. “We all love being part of the children’s daily routine and family life, helping them to adjust to each stage of their development, milestones and friendships, always keeping their interests and happiness at the heart of everything we do. Some the children still keep in touch with us, which is so lovely to keep those connections and see them all grown up, especially as some are now finishing their secondary school education. We feel very privileged to have so many supportive families and to care for their children, knowing how delighted and proud our parents and families are is lovely, they are all so positive and we feel incredibly grateful for their continued encouragement and appreciation.”

Small Wonders has a close working relationship with Grange Primary school, providing wrap around care for students who attend the school. Mrs Summers the head teacher recently gave a glowing letter of praise to pass on to Ofsted.

Mrs Summers said: “The Children receive and excellent start at our local childcare setting Small Wonders.

“As a school we are fortunate to have such a high quality provision which works closely with us. Julie and her staff maintain excellent communication with the early years staff here at school, so that the transition is seamless and the children feel happy and secure” she carries on to say “Both parents and the child know that Julie will go that extra mile to help them prepare for the next stage of learning, children are collected after nursery and after school and all are delighted to see the staff and eager to tell them about their day. The staff treat them with care and the children know that they really matter.”

The Ofsted Inspector read many complimentary emails and letters from parents and grandparents who attend Small Wonders and noted this on the report saying “There is an excellent two-way-flow of communication and information. This creates a collaborative approach to meeting children needs and supporting learning. Parents give exceedingly positive feedback on the childminder, her assistants and the outstanding value they place on their contribution to their children’s learning.”

Small Wonders Facebook page is full of positive reviews from happy parents who have attended over the years, many praising Julie and her team for their wonderful indoor and outdoor space, the wonderful activities, the friendships the children have developed and the love and care they receive from Julie, her team and family. One family’s review sums it up perfectly “Our son started to go to Small Wonders at 12 months old for 2 days a week and has been settled pretty much since day one. We haven’t had a day when we have doubted that he was having the best day in the most capable and knowledgeable hands. He comes home almost every week with things that he has learnt from the staff and the other children- Its definitely doing him wonders.”

The setting is updated on a regular basis with up-cycled open-ended resources, which challenge the children to use their imagination and creative skills, they can make the item into whatever they want it to be, rather than the purpose it has been manufactured for. Children are so much more engaged in their play and more challenged to think, the inspector has written “The highly stimulating learning environment further ignites children’s curiosity and offers a wealth of opportunity, particularly for children’s explorations, critical thinking and active learning skills” she continues to say “Children flourish and excel in this truly inspiring childminding setting. The levels of independence shown by all children is astonishing. From a very early age children carry out a number of tasks that are far beyond expectations of their ages and show exceptional understanding”

“Children are tremendously happy, secure and relish their time spent in this wonderful setting” Ofsted February 2020.

You can read the full report at:

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