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Travelling burglar jailed for going on two-day Lake District crime spree

Bradley Higham

A TRAVELLING burglar who went on a two-day Lake District crime spree has been jailed for almost two-and a-half years.

Heavily-convicted Bradley Higham, 42, committed a host of offences on October 8 and 9 in 2018 around both Windermere and Bowness-on-Windermere.

Higham burgled an unoccupied hotel room being used by Japanese husband-and-wife tourists, rifling through luggage and snatching medication before they returned. The stolen painkillers were found along with a screwdriver in a caravan on a nearby site at which he was “staying” having pinched the door key from a staff area.

Higham also sneaked into two guest houses, stealing cash from one which he handed back to a staff member who caught him in the act, and cheekily charging drinks he consumed in a lounge to one of the rooms at another.

Carlisle Crown Court heard Higham also stealthily moved a CCTV camera inside Windermere Library to mask the fact he was forcing opening a charity box before stealing £30.

Higham, of Laurel Avenue, Newton-le-Willows, was sentenced today (THURS) after admitting three counts of burglary, and also fraud, theft and going equipped. A man with 150-offences to his name, he was jailed for 876 days by Judge Nicholas Barker who noted the defendant had expressed a desire at a previous court hearing to spend less of his life behind bars.

“The reason you are spending so much time in prison is because you keep burgling buildings, properties, businesses, dwellings,” said Judge Barker. “That’s why you keep going to prison.”

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