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And that’s a wrap…

Carlisle Story truck wrap, photo credit A&K Herd Photography

Carlisle is about to be seen by an ever-changing audience of millions of people every day… as lorry trailers emblazoned with the eye-catching Carlisle Story branding get in gear and take to the UK’s road network.

The new advertising campaign conceived by Carlisle Ambassadors and its partners, features on several lorry trailers owned and operated by Brampton based strategic haulier Stalker’s Transport Services Ltd, and is designed to showcase the City far and wide, to take positive messages about Carlisle across the country and help raise its profile as a place in which to live, work, invest and visit.

Penrith based specialist signage and graphics company AST utilising a suite of innovative branding known as ‘The Carlisle Story’ crafted the visually stunning trailer door liveries interpreting the vision of Carlisle Ambassadors and its partners in their bid to place Carlisle firmly on the map and encourage visitors, families, businesses and investors to find out more about the City.

Handily unlike conventional out-of-home advertising platforms such as billboards, posters, digital screens, and ambient executions sited in specific locations these hugely cost-effective trailer liveries aren’t limited by geography, have the potential to last for years, have the potential to be seen by millions and haven’t cost an arm and a leg; in fact costing the same per vehicle as placing a traditional print advert in a glossy trade show magazine.

Michelle Masters Carlisle Ambassadors project lead said: ”We chose to go with a trailer door wrap because this format offers a really cost effective way of reaching the millions of people who regularly travel on our motorways and major arterial roads – and the added bonus is that this is an environment which is relatively free from advertising so the messaging is much more impactful too. To achieve the same levels of engagement and reach using conventional static adverts you would have to instigate a national campaign across hundreds of sites, this would be hugely expensive, and time limited too as the campaigns generally only run for a limited six to eight-week period. So, this format makes a huge amount of sense and is a hugely cost-effective way of getting the message out there that Carlisle is a place in which to live, work and do business.”

Leader of Carlisle City Council, Cllr John Mallinson, added: “Carlisle has lots to be proud of and there are lots of exciting schemes underway including the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal and St Cuthbert’s Garden Communities. We want Carlisle to grow and we want to spread the news that the city is open to business and investment.”

Karen Stalker, Managing Director of Stalkers Transport Services Ltd, commented: ‘’Stalkers Transport Services are absolutely delighted to be involved in this project. We are incredibly proud of our home city of Carlisle and it’s an honour to sing its praises. The eye-catching designs on the back doors of our two trailers look fantastic and as they travel the length and breadth of the country, let’s hope they help to attract people from far and wide.’’

Mark Aston, Managing Director of AST – a leading UK specialist in branding, design and the manufacture of graphics, said: “We’ve been very proud to support this Carlisle initiative with Stalkers Transport Services Ltd and Carlisle Ambassadors and help raise the profile of Carlisle.  It’s a great project to be involved in and one we’ve been happy to help with.”

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