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Oxenholme defibrillator to find new home after Post Office closes

With the closing of Oxenholme Post Office in February this year, local Councillors and residents are planning to find a new home for the community defibrillator in a nearby phone box.

Kendal Town Council, in partnership with the First Responders Group and BT, have taken steps to adopt the phone box to house the community defibrillator.

Following a decommission consultation led by BT, Kendal Town Council asked if adoption could be considered and are now in the process of securing the phone box from BT.

Kendal Town Council’s Environment & Highways Committee has allocated funding to buy a storage box and employ an electrician to install the defibrillator in its new home, assuming the adoption process is successful.

In the meantime, the First Responders are looking after the defibrillator which is a standard item in their kit.

Town Councillor and Deputy Mayor Doug Rathbone said “We are delighted to be supporting this project to ensure that Oxenholme residents have continued access to a community defibrillator should an emergency situation arise”.

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