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Sellafield supports health workers with personal protective equipment donation


Health and care workers are the frontline of the country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Along with other businesses, Sellafield Ltd are keen to do all that we can to support doctors, nurses and care workers to respond safely.

To help, Sellafield are providing personal protective equipment (PPE), where they can, to priorities established by the Cumbria Resilience Forum.

A Sellafield Ltd spokesman said: “Initially, we are donating items including 2500 disposable respirators; around 500 suits, gowns and lab coats and several hundred pairs of gloves.

“As we better understand our own need, we are likely to be able to make more equipment available.

“The protective equipment comes from Sellafield Ltd, contractors and suppliers.

“It can be spared without impacting on nuclear safety or emergency preparedness. It would ordinarily be used to support the delivery of work and projects on the Sellafield site. Much of this work has been temporarily paused while the country focuses on responding to the pandemic.”

Mark Neate, Director of Environment, Safety and Security said: “As the largest employer in West Cumbria, we are doing all we can to support the community response to the pandemic.

“It became clear that one of the simplest and most effective things we could do would be to share personal protective equipment. This will enable doctors, nurses and others on the frontline to do their essential work to care for those who are or may be suffering.”

“We are working with other key partners and businesses in Cumbria to ensure that our response is coordinated with everyone else’s. This includes the blue light services, councils, and business networks. Working together ensures that resources are prioritised to where there is the greatest need.”

Mark added: “I am delighted to see how community agencies, businesses and charities are all working together, along with the public, to help address the impact of coronavirus. This is the community spirit we are used to in Cumbria.”

Requests for PPE

Businesses and organisations who have a request for PPE should contact the Multi-Agency Support Team in the first instance. This group is coordinating requests. Email [email protected].

Companies who have spare PPE they would like to donate can also contact the MAST by email.

The team is unable to respond to requests from individuals.

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