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Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service keeping the public and staff safe during Coronavirus

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) is keen to reassure communities across Cumbria that we are still very much able to respond effectively to any emergency incidents, as required. We will also continue to help vulnerable people stay safe through fire prevention where possible.

CFRS has implemented extra safeguarding measures to protect its responding staff and also to minimise the risk of infection to the public. For example, staff have been advised about social distancing and are undertaking additional cleaning of uniform and equipment to limit any possibility of virus spread.

CFRS Area Manager Craig Drinkald, Head of Community Safety said:

“Obviously the best way to prevent spread is for crews to not be exposed to any possible infection, and this is where the public can really help.

“With more families at home, the risk of fire will increase, but with some simple steps you can reduce these risks.”

Cooking – never leave any cooking unattended, read the instructions clearly and don’t cook after consuming alcohol.

Electrics – don’t overload sockets or electrical systems. Always turn off and unplug electrical equipment when it’s not in use.

Smoke alarms – check they are working, at least once per week, if they are not working then get some working detectors fitted on at least every floor of the property.

Escape routes – make sure everyone in your property knows how to get out if a fire does occur, close all doors at night to limit the spread of any fire or smoke.

Deliberate fires – people are still having fires to burn refuse or garden waste – do not do this! It causes false alarm calls and also can spread to outbuildings very quickly.

CFRS will continue to visit vulnerable or elderly people in their homes and can provide assistance with fitting their smoke alarms, but the service is encouraging the general public to look after their own fire safety and help to make sure that Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service is available for the public who really need our response or prevention staff.

If anybody requires a ‘Safe and Well’ visit, please call 0800 358477 or email [email protected]. More fire home safety information at and

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