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Walls of Hope bring cheer during Coronavirus

In times of difficulty we all need a bit of hope.

And while things are difficult at the moment, it is important to remember that this time will eventually pass.

A project to brighten up people’s spirits has been launched by North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust.

The Walls of Hope are a place where people can share their drawings, paintings, poems and stories.

At the Cumberland Infirmary, the Wall of Hope will be just inside the atrium past the Macmillan stand.

At the West Cumberland Hospital it will be located close to Costa and the restaurant.

Walls will also be set up at our community hospitals too.

And a virtual wall will be created on our social media channels for people to see.

Elaine Crooks, Patient Experience & Involvement Lead at NCIC, said: “The idea was inspired by my daughter who drew some pictures for NHS staff at the weekend and it grew from there as a way of connecting communities – primarily children – with a way of them expressing their support and hope to our staff by sending in pictures, poetry and words.”

NCIC Chaplain Barrie Thomas said: “The phrase Wall of Hope is to reflect the need to see beyond the present darkness and see something of the light beyond, the time when we are all through this. Obviously, the rainbow is an appropriate theme to use given its significance reflecting the end of the storm.

“We believe this Wall of Hope will make an important statement of support for staff as they pass it by, especially those separated from their loved ones just now.”

The chaplaincy team are reaching out to children at the emergency schools, Carlisle Youth Zone and different communities.

Any poster or poem submitted will be laminated prior to display.

Entries can be sent to [email protected]

Entries for the wall at the West Cumberland Hospital can be sent to Elaine Haraldsen at [email protected]

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