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Companies team up to bring Easter joy to elderly people in South Lakeland

Dr Joshua Macauley (left) with Andrew Allison, Kendal Booths store manager, and some of the donated Easter eggs

One hundred and fifty elderly people in South Lakeland are due to receive a lovely, unexpected present this Easter.

Westmorland Homecare has teamed up with grocery chain Booths, which has donated 150 Easter eggs.

These will be distributed over the next few days to Westmorland Homecare clients around the district.

“We have a lot of clients who are over 70 who are self-isolating for three months due to the coronavirus pandemic,” explained Westmorland Homecare director Dr Joshua Macauley.

“We are more than just a health care service and we wanted to do something a bit special for our clients. We see our staff and clients as part of one big family and this is a lovely way of doing something for that family.

“It is about providing a bit of joy during this very difficult time.”

Westmorland Homecare sent out a Tweet, asking if any companies could donate some Easter eggs to be given to its clients and it was picked up by Booths’ head office. It put the company in touch with Booth’s Kendal store manager Andrew Allison.

Within an hour of the telephone conversation, 150 eggs were at the Westmorland Homecare offices in Kendal, ready to be distributed by its carers to clients in South Lakeland.

Mr Allison said: “We are aware of the great work being done in the community by carers, as well as by NHS staff. There are so many people pulling together and if we have an opportunity to help that is fantastic. It fits in exactly with what Booths is all about.”

There are three variants among the 150 eggs – Cadbury’s Peter Rabbit and Freddo eggs and Mars Maltesers eggs.

Dr Macauley added: “We like to go above and beyond and it is great to work with a company like Booths which has the same level of passion and family values.”

Westmorland Homecare provides a range of services, which enable people to live independently in their own home. They include home care, such as help with housekeeping and meal preparation, and personal care, such as help with dressing, bathing and getting in and out of bed.

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