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WATCH: Cumbria’s NHS staff say thank you

Emergency services clapping at the Cumberland Infirmary

Staff across North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust have taken time out to say thank you to fellow key workers and our wider community for the outpouring of love and support they have received during the coronavirus pandemic.

At the Cumberland Infirmary last night staff clapped outside the hospital alongside the fire and police service accompanied by bagpipes with staff observing a social distance.

Staff across the Trust have also been creative and written songs to say thank you to all those staying at home and doing their bit.

Victoria Lamb Wallace and her twin sister re-wrote the words to Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I will survive’ and produced a tear jerker of a film celebrating the work of all NHS Staff but particularly her colleagues in the Copeland Community nursing team.

Maria Heslop is a deputy ward sister at the Cumberland Infirmary re-wrote the words to Frankie Vallie and the four season’s ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’ singing ‘We love you Cumbria!’ instead of ‘I love you baby’.

Maria said: “I normally write poems for the wards and for our patients but I wanted to do something little different. I’m not a signer at all and I would never do karaoke. The only people I do ever sing to are my patients. I thought if we can just spend five minutes doing something a little fun that takes us away from what is an extremely difficult situation but sharing a really important message as well that would be good.

“I don’t want anyone for one minute to think that we are making light of the situation we find ourselves in, but I do think it’s important to spread the very serious message in a fun way.”

Our local communities have been helping in so many ways; including listening to advice to stay at home and keeping our vital services running, all of which is helping save lives right here in Cumbria.

Police, NHS staff and John Howarth clapping

Professor John Howarth, Strategic Incident Commander said, “It made me feel very proud tonight to join with our partners to thank the communities. I know that the recognition we are receiving from our community means such a lot to many members of staff.  Our 5,500 strong workforce and their families and friends are all part of our communities and they care deeply about people living here in Cumbria.  Thank you to our colleagues at Cumbria Fire Service & Cumbria Police who joined us tonight and thank you to our multi agency partners and key workers who are keeping our essential services such as supermarkets and transport systems operating.”

The NHS has been inundated with donations and gifts.  If you are planning to make a donation please email [email protected] or call 01228 814567 rather than turning up to our sites. Donations can also be made via our Just Giving page at:

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