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97% of children starting primary school this year offered their first choice

Out of 4,708 applicants resident in Cumbria, who applied by the closing date, 4,572 were offered a place at their first preference school.

97% of parents / carers were offered a place at their first preference school, with over 99% of parents / carers securing an offer at their first, second or third preference (providing second / third preferences were given).

Transfer to junior or primary school – September 2020

Out of 914 applicants resident in Cumbria who applied for a Year 3 place in September 2020 by the closing date, 98% were offered their first preference school.

All applicants who followed the recommended process of providing more than one preference were allocated one of their chosen schools.

Cllr Sue Sanderson, Cabinet Member for Schools and Learning, said: “It’s great news that the vast majority of pupils have secured a place at their first choice school.  Cumbria is a fantastic place to grow up and an important part of that is ensuring children can attend the schools their parents and carers want them to go to.

“While most will be very pleased with the result of their applications, where places have been refused, applicants have the right of appeal to an independent admission appeal panel.”

Details of how to submit an appeal have been included with notification letters.

If any applicants have changed their mind since requesting a school place they are advised to contact the school admissions team via email at [email protected].

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