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Brampton man told former partner in text: “I will stop you breathing”

Allan David Lancaster pictured before a previous crown court hearing

A COURT has heard how a man sent his ex-girlfriend insulting texts after their relationship broke down.

Amy Bates received a string of unwanted messages from Allan David Lancaster during 2017 after they split. In one, 23-year-old Lancaster vowed: “One day we will meet and I will stop you breathing.”

He also branded her a “stupid waste of oxygen”, and said in other criminal correspondence: “You don’t want to be with me. I told you: either be with me for an easy life or I will destroy yours.”

Delays involving the police and Crown Prosecution Services meant the case did not come before Carlisle Crown Court until today (THURS) when Lancaster, of Stanley Road, Brampton, admitted sending an electronic communication with intent to cause distress or anxiety.

Miss Bates described feeling “harassed and distressed” by his messages, speaking in a recently made statement of losing confidence and self-esteem, being jumpy when her phone rang and having trouble sleeping.

Judge Nicholas Barker noted the significant time delay and that Lancaster had since been released from prison after being sentenced, last February, for a violent assault – a one-punch attack which left his male victim with terrible injuries.

Judge Barker imposed a 12-month conditional discharge for the 2017 offence.

“It is clear to me that Amy Bates still feels very aggrieved by the way in which you dealt with her all that time ago,” the judge told Lancaster. “You would do well to ensure that you keep away from her.”

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