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Furness families urged to share their rainbow drawings with local MP

Simon Fell MP

Barrow & Furness’ MP, Simon Fell, is asking families across Furness to send in their children’s’ rainbow drawings in support of key workers.

Every child who sends in their drawings will see them shared on Mr Fell’s Facebook page and will receive a certificate of appreciation from the local MP.

Commenting from Ulverston, Mr Fell said: “The rainbow drawings by young people across Barrow and Furness are so inspiring.

“I’m asking local families to send in their child’s drawings to me so that I can send out a certificate of thanks to them, to thank them for staying home, protecting the NHS and staying safe, while making us all smile with their drawings. I’ll also share them on my social media so that they spread a bit of joy across Furness in these difficult times.

“If you want to send me a rainbow picture, please email it to: [email protected].”

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