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Second Cumberland Infirmary nurse dies from COVID-19

Cecilia Fashanu

A second Cumberland Infirmary agency nurse has died after contracting COVID-19.

Cecilia Fashanu, 63, has been receiving critical care for a number of weeks and unfortunately died at the Cumberland Infirmary on the evening of Thursday 30th April.

Lyn Simpson, Chief Executive said: “Cecilia will be sorely missed by her husband and children. We are speaking with her family, offering our deepest condolences at this incredibly difficult time.

“Cecilia had been an agency nurse covering shifts on a number of wards at the Cumberland Infirmary over the last two years. She was a much loved colleague and her death is felt across the organisation as a whole.”

Speaking about his mum Cecilia’s son Anthony said, “Mum was passionate about people, helping others, selfless and always willing to go out of her way to ensure everyone was comfortable.

“Nothing was too much for mum. Even at times when she was tired and we asked her to take a break, she would always say “I’m ok, God gives me strength”

“Mum is our Superwoman, an extraordinary woman, devoted Christian.  #Supermum #Superhero

“God bless you and all the Nurses, Doctors & all other staff at the hospital.

“Please pass my gratitude, on behalf of myself and my family to everyone who looked after my mum.”

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