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Penrith Town Council launches WW2 Community Memories Project

Richard Robson, former Newcastle RGS Pupil, evacuated to Penrith with his teddy bear in 1939.

Penrith Town Council’s WW2 Community Memories page is now live.

The page contains several video conversations with former pupils of the Newcastle Royal Grammar School, which was evacuated to Penrith in 1939.

A story has also been written by a young girl born at the beginning of the war, who was only five years old when War ended.

Conversations recorded on video with several local people, now in their 90s, are also included on the website.

For young people in Penrith, life as they grew up in the town during WW2 was often an adventure.

Information about the evacuation to Penrith has been collated and will be available in easy to read online booklets.

War time photos and press clippings have been shared by local people and these have also been copied into portfolios now shared on the website.

Local memories are precious and the Town Council is extremely grateful to everyone who has participated so far. The hope is that more people who have memories or photos of life in Penrith during the War Years will share their stories and memorabilia. Contact [email protected]

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