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Station Commander retakes the helm at RAF Spadeadam

Wing Commander Matt Lawrence

On 26th May a little piece of history was made at RAF Spadeadam as a former Station Commander, took Command of the Station for a second time.

In a highly unusual move, Wing Commander Matt Lawrence has returned to lead the Station following a period working as the British Representative at the United Arab Emirates Air Warfare Centre. In this role he was a key figure in the delivery of major air exercises and in the development of the Emirati’s own Electronic Warfare Range.

Wing Commander Lawrence said: “When I left Spadeadam six years ago, I never thought I would have the good fortune to be allowed to take Command again at the Royal Air Force’s only electronic warfare training range.”

It is a very different Station from the one he left as in the time he has been away there have been new facilities added such as a new accommodation and messing building and a new area designed specifically to support RAF personnel’s welfare. He also takes command during a period when many of his personnel are continuing to support the governments direction to work from home wherever possible. Wing Commander Lawrence continued:

“These are difficult times for us all with many of my personnel supporting the Covid-19 response in the north of England whilst others support essential electronic warfare training and trials activity. However, whether it is supporting the local community or enabling UK or international Defence training, Spadeadam remains ready to assist and I look forward to a return to normality for all of us and also to continuing the legacy of success from my predecessors.”

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