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Animal charity warns of pet separation anxiety

Oak Tree Animals’ charity is concerned that with the possibility of lockdown restrictions easing soon, some pets may be vulnerable to separation anxiety when their owners return to work.

Whilst lockdown has caused many challenges over the last few months, our furry friends have no doubt loved the attention they have been receiving whilst we have been asked to stay within our homes by the Government.

Becky Lowis-Eden, Community Department Supervisor at Oak Tree explains; “Separation anxiety can be caused by a number of factors, in this case, it is likely due to the immediate change to routine. Some pets may have been by their owner’s side more than normal over the last few months but now lockdown restrictions are easing, the attention they have become so accustomed to will reduce considerably once the household returns to work.

“Separation anxiety can be reduced by taking a number of measures, one being gradually building up the time your pet is left alone in the home environment.”

Signs of separation anxiety can vary. If your dog has been home alone and you return to find any of the following signs, these could be indicators that your pet is suffering from being left on his own:

  • Being destructive, for instance, chewing furniture / carpets / flooring
  • Urinating / defecating in the home
  • Constant barking / whining.

Oak Tree Animals’ Charity is happy to provide support and offer advice to pet owners who are concerned that their pet may suffer, or be suffering, with separation anxiety. For owners wanting to help their pet before they return to work the Charity has training tips available at

For further information please contact [email protected] or telephone 01228 560082.

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