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New Chair for Millom Town Board

Robert Morris-Eyton

THE board that is helping to steer Millom’s bid for potential multi-million-pound Government funding has appointed a new Chair.

Robert Morris-Eyton, a sheep and dairy farmer in the Whicham Valley, will lead the community committee that is working with and advising Copeland Council on its bid to the Towns Fund, which could secure up to £25 million for the town. He succeeds Jakki Moore in the role.

Mr Morris-Eyton can trace his family history back over 300 years in the Millom area, and further to being a farmer, his is a chartered surveyor and has other business interests.

Mr Morris-Eyton said: “I am delighted to be appointed chairman of the Millom Town Fund Board, and look forward to helping the town draw down the promised development funding which has the potential to be transformational to the future prosperity of Millom.”

In September 2019, Copeland Council was invited to bid for up to £25 million in funding for both Millom and Cleator Moor, and has been required to community create boards in each town to drive the bids.

The boards are made up of the public and private sector, with a range of community representatives invited to join.  A full list of documentation attached to the bid, including the prospectus and timetable, can be found at

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