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Gaming Addiction – How to protect Children and Young People

Gaming, also known as Video Gaming, is now listed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an addiction (Gaming Disorder) in the International Classification of Diseases.

You are probably not surprised by this, especially if you are a parent or carer of children or young people who seem to be gaming all the time. It’s likely to become an even bigger problem during COVID-19.

A local father and son, who have both been affected by gaming addiction, have published an online course to help parents understand what Gaming is all about and why it is potentially addictive.

The course considers gaming addiction as an adverse childhood experience (ACE) and looks at the science, the technology, the dangers, why it is addictive, and what can be done to protect children and young people.

The course is possibly the most powerful available on the subject.

How many of you have been concerned about this problem?

How many of you have struggled to combat the gaming addiction in a child or young person, only to be left feeling like you are fighting losing battle?

How many teachers have had children falling asleep in class after they have been gaming in the early hours?

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