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Businesses offered consultancy support worth thousands of pounds as part of innovative new scheme

Rachael Bell

A NEW scheme which will give support to businesses large and small while boosting local supply chain opportunities is launched today.

Rachael Bell Wealth Management is behind the initiative – named the Entrepreneurs Club – in conjunction with business growth specialists Elephants Child.

Underpinned by St. James’s Place Wealth Management, the scheme is open to owner- operated businesses whether they are newly formed, well-established or at the point where the owners wish to sell.

Rachael, Principal of her eponymous Practice, said: “Successful entrepreneurs are busy people. Managing a successful enterprise takes drive, imagination and determination. It can be all-encompassing, demanding a huge amount of time and energy as owners bid to drive it to the next level of success.

“Often the entrepreneur can get immersed in the day to day running of their business and lose sight of how well the business is actually doing.

“And while it will always be one of their single greatest achievements, reflecting their values and vision, we ask the question of whether it will deliver on the ultimate financial lifestyle aspiration: creating financial independence for the business owner and their family.

“The Entrepreneurs Club draws upon the expertise of some fantastic business and financial minds, and together we will help company owners, whether they are at start-up stage, thinking of selling their business or somewhere in between.”

Initial consultation sessions with Rachael and an Elephants Child representative are followed by an Entrepreneurs Club SME Benchmark Report. They are complimentary but would otherwise cost in the region of £3,000.

When areas of improvement or focus are identified within a business – e.g. succession planning, legal or PR and communications – Rachael will collaborate with trusted companies she works with in the county’s supply chain which may be able to offer support.

After the initial process is completed and business owners and entrepreneurs have had the opportunity to absorb the details of their SME Benchmark Report, they are then presented with a series of opportunities to continue their business development journey.

Rachael, whose business is based in Carlisle, said: “As entrepreneurs, we all have dreams of what the future looks like. We live and breathe our businesses. But depending on where we are with our business journey, there will be a unique set of considerations which are all too easy to overlook.

“The beauty of the Entrepreneur’s Club is that first and foremost, we are giving businesses – and we are mainly looking at privately owned enterprises here – the opportunity to access high-level advice with no obligation.

“The fact that I will recommend other entrepreneurs and businesses operating locally if we identify a need, is really powerful to me because working with our clients’ professional advisers as one team is of significant benefit and supports the fabulous businesses we have in Cumbria.

“This is a risk-free process and as long as entrepreneurs approach it with an open mind and a willingness to listen, I feel confident their involvement will reap dividends.”

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