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Cumbria Tourism to join MPs on county-wide tour to declare “We’re Good To Go”

Cumbria Tourism Chairman, Jim Walker, with Managing Director Gill Haigh

As attractions and accommodation providers begin to re-open this weekend, Cumbria Tourism will be joining several of the county’s MPs including Tim Farron, Simon Fell, Neil Hudson, Mark Jenkinson and John Stephenson on a tour of local businesses to raise further awareness of the pivotal role the visitor market plays in keeping Cumbria’s economy healthy.

Also joined by members of Cumbria Tourism’s Board of Directors, more than 20 businesses will receive a visit on Saturday 4 July to help raise awareness of their official “We’re Good To Go” seal of approval from VisitEngland, which is being used to spread the message among potential visitors that the county is ready to welcome them back in the coming weeks and months.

The tour will be used to restore confidence and highlight Cumbria as the perfect place to visit this summer and beyond, urging visitors and locals alike to plan-ahead by book their next trip in advance. In-turn, this forward-planning will help the industry and its 65,000 tourism employees get the former £3 billion tourism economy back on track.

Chair of Cumbria Tourism Jim Walker, says, “In recent weeks, it’s become more and more apparent that there’s a real appreciation for local businesses and the role they play in keeping Cumbria’s economy strong. Brilliant support has been demonstrated by local residents for businesses which have had to diversify and adapt in recent months and moving forward it is absolutely critical that potential visitors from both near and far also play their part in helping our businesses recover.

“We’re using the tour this weekend to collectively send a huge ‘thank you’ to every resident who has played their part in helping our local businesses so far, and to send a massive thank-you in advance to our visitors, who we’re looking forward to welcoming back in the coming weeks and months.

“This is just the beginning, however. Our pubs, restaurants, accommodation providers and attractions really need support now more than ever, and what better time to experience what’s on our own doorstep than during what’s looking like a beautiful summer.”

All businesses are being invited to join the celebrations on July 4 by posting photographs on social media using the hashtags #theperfectplacetobe and #weregoodtogo. The tour will also be covered on Cumbria Tourism’s own social media channels throughout the day. You can see photographs of the tour and participating businesses on Cumbria Tourism’s social media channels by searching for the hashtag #protecttourismjobs.

Managing Director of Cumbria Tourism, Gill Haigh, adds, “To help aid the recovery further, we’ve also created a new website,, which not only showcases Cumbria’s beauty with the world but also stops people in their tracks and inspire them to visit or return, to make them say: ‘I never knew that’ or ‘I’ve got to go there’, or ‘I can’t wait to try that’, to discover new places or rediscover old, to try different experiences, check out our amazing local food and drink and products, to soak up the landscape, or to learn new skills.

“Our team has done an absolutely fantastic job with this new website, which will make planning a visit to The Lake District, Cumbria, a mouth-watering and easy experience. We’re working hard to encourage people to plan ahead and book in advance, which will really help the economic recovery. The tourism industry has been suffering terribly in recent months and this website will help people begin planning their future visits once again, as we begin to move into the next chapter.”

Speaking recently, former BBC Radio 4 broadcaster and Cumbria Tourism President Eric Robson, said, “Cumbria’s overall economy is hugely reliant on the tourism industry, and to see tourism businesses fail would cause a ripple-effect on countless more businesses – even those which aren’t directly related to the sector. Tourism plays a huge role in enabling us to enjoy the lives we have, from our favourite walking route to our favourite pubs and restaurants. With your support, you will be helping to save livelihoods and put the economy here back on the road to recovery. We all benefit from this industry and together, we will prevail.”

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