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Keswick Tourism Association launches campaign to encourage visitors to “Come Back To Keswick”

On Thursday 3rd July, Keswick Tourism Association (KTA) launched its “Come Back To Keswick” campaign on the Visit Keswick The Lake District Facebook page.

Ahead of many hospitality businesses re-opening on the 4th July, Keswick Tourism Association, working with Hotfoot Design, had been considering how best to encourage visitors back to Keswick, whilst also taking into account some of the concerns of businesses and residents.

Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown, KTA shared messages in a positive way, asking for the support of visitors rather than telling them what to do. This was well received, and the new campaign uses that same style of messaging. Visitors will be asked to be caring to the town and the environment and to follow social distancing guidance.

Around 24 Keswick businesses in total will be involved in the campaign, including accommodation, attractions, retail, activity providers and food outlets. They will share details of the changes that they have made to their businesses, what they are looking forward to most when visitors return and what they would ask from them. The first in a serious of four posts has reached over 24,000 people with almost 4,500 engagements, all of which were incredibly positive.

KTA Tourism Manager, Vanessa Metcalfe said, “We are delighted with the positive response to our first post.

“We wanted to campaign to incorporate as many businesses as possible and we have been delighted with the number of KTA members who offered to take part.

“We expect that the wider campaign will go on throughout the winter months, as we try to encourage people to visit at times that perhaps they normally wouldn’t. As well as the Facebook campaign, we have had a “Come Back To Keswick” logo, with 6 different background options, designed for any business to use, whether they are members of KTA or not.

Any Keswick business that would like to use the logo in their online marketing or enquire about membership of KTA should email [email protected].

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