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New and exciting science and nature-based education in Cumbria

The Linnet Education team

Linnet Education is a brand new alternative education provider in Cumbria. They provide an outstanding science and nature-based education in an environment that promotes enjoyment and a positive attitude to learning for children and young people.

Primarily aimed at young people who are unable to thrive in mainstream school, Linnet Education offers a unique learning experience in the outdoors, through the exploration, conservation and science of the environment, which is supported by 1:1 tutoring and online learning resources.

Linnet Education also offers various other exciting accredited STEM programmes, guided by science and nature, with certificates and awards to be achieved individually or as a family. Courses are very flexible and mostly activity-based making them fun and achievable for everyone. The majority of the courses are completely free so they really are a fantastic opportunity to get out into our beautiful Cumbrian outdoors to learn and achieve.

Due to the current challenging circumstances, Linnet Education recognises that children need a bit of extra support to get them ready for the next academic year. They offer a specific course for year 6 students, called Lift Off with Nature, to aid the transition to secondary school which will take place this August. This course is being offered for free but has limited spaces so be sure to get in touch with them soon to book a place.

The business has been set up by Dr Jane Sullivan, who spent 15 years as a research biochemist helping to develop new medicines for diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Jane has spent the last 12 years in education teaching and managing a wide range of learners and more recently has led local teacher education provision.

She loves science and nature and being creative with learning and believes that everyone should have the chance to learn in whatever way suits their needs. Jane is a qualified teacher and holds a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry and Masters and Doctorate degrees in science subjects.

Jane and her family are also foster carers so she understands that it can be difficult to learn when you have lots of complicated issues happening in your life.

Jane will be supported by a small team of educators and support staff. Susie Grainger has worked for 10 years supporting students and apprentices studying forestry, animal management, conservation and agriculture and has spent her whole life working in the outdoors, conserving and managing land, forests and rivers in the North of England.

Chloe Walker started out as a veterinary nurse and now has 20 years teaching experience across a range of courses such as veterinary nursing, equine studies and other land-based subjects. She is a qualified teacher, holds a BSc (Hons) in Agriculture and Biological Sciences, has additional qualifications for teaching maths and is a British Horse Society accredited coach.

Teaching assistant, Madi Sullivan, is a 3rd year Psychology student as well as a volunteer teaching assistant at a local primary school. She has previously worked as part of a team providing an activity-based education programme for international students, helping them improve communication, team-work skills and build confidence. Our final member of the team is Buddy, an energetic and friendly Border Terrier. He is there to have fun exploring with the children, help them develop empathy and understand responsibility.

For more information on the various programmes Linnet Education offer, visit their website or take a look at their brand new Facebook page.

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