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Local designer turns pandemic redundancy into new ‘green’ opportunities

Vincent Walden at Atlas Works in Carlisle (Photo © Harry Atkinson)

A local man has used social media to turn the tide on being made redundant during the pandemic. With over 100 shares through friends, family and acquaintances, Vincent Walden (26) launched his sustainable design studio on the strength and support of the local community.

Vincent had been on furlough for weeks and was made redundant at the start of June, the day after his birthday. This was just a week before he was expecting to be taken off furlough and return to work. There was no inkling that this was going to happen and he was expecting to return to work as normal in the coming weeks.

Using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter—Vincent appealed for work in his local community, which was met with a great response. He’s now busier than he’s ever been, with hopes for a brighter, more green future. Sharing that he was to now work for himself, in his new eco-friendly enterprise Studio Walden.

Studio Walden is an eco-friendly design studio currently run and operated by one person, Vincent Walden, in the heart of Carlisle. Its existence is to provide brilliant design and sustainable choices to Cumbria and beyond.

From recycled paper to carbon offsetting and renewable energy, Studio Walden is tackling our world’s pollution issues head on, catalysing change big and small. Studio Walden strives to create eco-friendly, great design in a world of mediocrity and pollution.

Its motto is “Design that doesn’t cost the earth”.

At present Studio Walden is run exclusively in the study of Vincent’s house, but this hasn’t stopped it taking on an ample amount of work in the first month of official trading. From supporting youth producers in Hope Streets Festival produced by Tullie House to rebranding local Tattooist, Indie D Tattoo—ready for when her new private studio in Fisher Street Galleries can reopen.

With lots of people – especially the creative community – out of work, Vincent feels very fortunate and thankful to be in the position he’s currently in, which is turning out to be as stressful as it is rewarding. He looks forward to providing the local community with brilliant work and figuring out how to run a business, which started with nothing more than the desire to do better.

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