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New Cumbrian business provides ‘Rescue Remedy’ for your home technology Issues

Tech Savvy is a new and evolving technology company based in South Cumbria. With many years of experience behind the business gleaned from its parent company Majik House.

Tech Savvy offers a service to come to your home and set up your smart devices. Such as Amazon Alexa’s, Sonos Sound Systems and Apple Devices. Tech Savvy is able to connect your devices, show you how to make the most of them and also problem solve any issues you may have.

The company was formed due to the overwhelming demand in the market for smart home devices, and the need for people to get the most out of the products. A helping hand to those who may not be too ‘tech savvy’ themselves.

Some people have the knowledge and intuition to instinctively get these devices to work, talk to one another and make their houses work smoothly. Then for some of us it takes longer to work it out and maybe we give up! And then subsequently suffer the problems they can cause if not installed/used correctly.

Technology should enhance your home, not over complicate it! But it can seem daunting when you are unsure of the basics. Tech savvy have put together some helpful packages to solve the most common smart home problems.

Have you ever asked yourself?

  • how can I connect Alexa to my other devices?
  • Can I successfully set up a home office?
  • How do I set up my new apple devices?”

Tech Savvy are here to help!

Company Director Autumn Burrow said “The business grew from a desire to help show people how technology can improve their home lives. When smart home technology is used correctly, it is something to embrace, not something to fear”

The new company has had a great response from the public, there is certainly a need for Tech Savvy’s expertise. During the current climate where we are all spending more and more time at home, maybe its time our homes started working for us!

You can get in contact with Tech Savvy via the link here where you can also take a more in-depth look at the package they have to offer.

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