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Call to save County’s forgotten foods

Westmorland Pepper Cake, an all but forgotten traditional Cumbrian treat resurrected by Ginger Bakers of Kendal

A Cumbrian food and drink home delivery service is calling on the public to help save the County’s forgotten foods. A Day’s Walk, based near Cartmel, was launched in May of this year and every item it stocks in its online shop comes from a local farmer, grower, producer or business. It wants the public to get in touch with details of traditional Cumbrian food and drink items they discover, either still being made locally or that have disappeared, so it can help to resurrect them.

“During the course of our travels throughout Cumbria we meet some great local producers who are keeping the traditions of the County alive,” explained A Day’s Walk local produce champion Colin Sneath. “We want to ensure their efforts are supported by giving these wonderful items a route to market and the public the opportunity to enjoy them.”

A Day’s Walk recently added Morecambe Bay Potted Shrimps landed at Flookburgh and Original Damson Ketchup to its online shop. This week it introduced Westmorland Pepper Cake, a traditional fruit cake infused with cloves and black pepper, which harks back to the days of the Spice Trade in the 1800’s. Once widely available throughout the County it was consigned to the history books until recently, when it was resurrected by Ginger Bakers of Kendal. They are believed to be the only baker now making it.

“This wonderfully distinctive cake is a perfect example of how Cumbrian history manifests itself in our traditional recipes. It has a truly unique flavour which deserves to be shared with current and future generations.”

Producers or members of the public who wish to contact A Day’s Walk with information about Cumbria’s forgotten foods should email [email protected].

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