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Have your say on Draft Carlisle Investment Plan

Local residents and businesses are being given the opportunity to have their say on a plan that will help Carlisle grow and potentially access multi-million pounds of investment.

In autumn 2019 Carlisle was announced as one of the 101 places selected to create a Town Deal. This allowed councils to access up to £25 million from the UK government’s £3.6 billion Towns Fund. The fund aims to support urban regeneration, skills development and improve connectivity in small cities and towns.

Carlisle’s Town Deal Board, made up of representatives from key public and private sector organisations in the city, was formed in January 2020 to steer Carlisle’s vision and objectives for the Town Deal.

The first stage of agreeing a Town Deal is the creation of a Town Investment Plan, which sets a clear vision for Carlisle’s future. Carlisle’s Investment Plan will capture the significant investments already taking place in the city including: The Borderlands Carlisle Station Gateway and Citadels project, St Cuthbert’s Garden Village and the Future High Street Fund proposals for the city centre, as well as proposing new projects to be funded by the Town Deal.

Drawing on feedback provided from key stakeholders and previous public consultations on key development projects for Carlisle, a proposed a vision and objectives for Carlisle’s Town Investment Plan have been drawn together.

The Carlisle Town Deals Board is now asking local people and businesses to have their say on these ideas and input their own ideas to ensure that the vision for future Carlisle is shaped and supported by the people who live and work here.

A public consultation will be held between Monday 27 July – Friday 14 August. Due to coronavirus restrictions, this will be an online-only consultation. Members of the public can view the vision and objectives document and provide their views on a questionnaire online at: The online survey will be available from Monday 27 July when the consultation starts.

Cllr John Mallinson, Leader of Carlisle City Council said: “This is a very exciting time for Carlisle, with huge opportunities presented for the city through funding from the Towns Fund, as well as the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal, Future High Street Fund and St Cuthbert’s Garden Village. Together these funds provide opportunities for the most significant levels of investment that Carlisle has seen for a very long time. The Investment Plan will capture all the projects taking place in the city, and it will help drive Carlisle forward in the future.

“We need the people and businesses of Carlisle to comment on the vision and objectives that have been developed so far – ensuring that the people who live and work here help shape this plan for future generations.”

Emma Porter, Story Contracting and Carlisle Town Deal Board Chair added: “The more people and businesses get involved in sharing their views and ideas the stronger the Investment Plan will be. This is a real opportunity to secure funding for Carlisle that could see some significant projects realised.”

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