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Police issue warning regarding illegal music events

Officers are warning those thinking of attending an illegal music event this weekend of the dangers they could be putting themselves in attending such events.

We are warning the public after receiving intelligence of an event possibly being held in North Cumbria this weekend. We are especially concerned as the area is currently experiencing a spike in the number of coronavirus cases which has been reported this week.

Anyone thinking of attending are putting their lives at risk, if anything goes wrong emergency services could take longer to reach you due to the locations these raves are usually held.

Our aim is to engage with the organisers at the earliest possible opportunity to prevent the event from taking place, and therefore keep people safe.

Where necessary we have powers to seize equipment, put dispersal orders in place, or set up road-blocks to prevent any more people attending.

Anyone who organises one of these events could face prosecution.

Superintendent Mark Pannone said: “If you are thinking of attending such events I’d urge you to think again, not only are you at risk of further spreading the virus you could be targeted by criminals or victim of violence.

“We’re calling on the public to help us. If you have any intelligence or hear about an event taking place, please get in touch with us so we can prevent it and ultimately save lives.

“There are no safety measures in place at these unauthorised events. If anything goes wrong emergency services might not be able to help you as quickly as normal.

“Everyone needs to act responsibly to keep our communities safe.”

If you have any information about a planned illegal rave or unlicensed music event or about one which is currently taking place, please call us on 101 or 999 in an emergency or email [email protected]

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