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Penrith teenager admits drink-driving

Carlisle Magistrates Court

A PENRITH teenager has admitted drink-driving when she appeared at North and West Cumbria Magistrates Court in Carlisle.

At around 11:10pm on Friday 20 March police officers witnessed a white Audi A3 car contravene a no-entry sign going onto Middlegate in Penrith.

Officers stopped the car and the driver, Ms Hannah Kate Huddart, 19, of Rydal Court, Penrith failed a road-side breathalyser test, she was arrested and gave another test at the police station with a reading of 50-microgrammes of alcohol in 100-millilitres of breath, the legal drink-drive limit is 35mgs.

Anthony Wilson defending explained Ms Huddart was out with friends for a drink and expected to leave the car in town, but the circumstances were, she had to take a friend home and took a wrong turning, she works on a farm with an early start of 4.30am and lives around 10-miles away, she hopes to keep her job and is ashamed to be in court.

Magistrates disqualified her from driving on public roads for one-year and fined her £246, with court costs of £119.

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