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Residents raise safety fears over HGVs using A596

Mark Jenkinson MP

WORKINGTON MP Mark Jenkinson wants to tackle HGV issues on a busy Cumbrian road as part of efforts to improve the lives of people living alongside the A596.

Mark has been in discussions with the Highways Authority, the Police and major businesses using the route.

He has received complaints from constituents about some lorries travelling at speed and in convoys, sometimes at unsociable hours.

Residents living in nearby towns and villages have also complained of road safety, noise and air quality issues.

Mark said: “I am aware of the concerns of residents about the volume of HGVs using the A596. It can be a challenge to balance the needs of local businesses with the concerns of the communities.

“This is a key route for many large commercial vehicles, but it also runs through many towns and villages. We must not forget about the welfare, safety or quality of life of people living in places like Crosby and Aspatria.

“The sheer amount of HGV traffic on the A596 is one of the main reasons for my campaigning on the A66/A596 junction at the bottom of Ramsay Brow.

“It is easier for wagons to use the A595 / A66 as it passes through fewer towns and villages compared to the A596. However, at the bottom of Ramsay Brow and further along the road on Hall Brow and Workington Bridge, there are pinch points that make it difficult for HGVs to pass.

“One solution would be road improvements to the pinch point. This is something I continue to discuss with Government and with local authorities.”

Mark has pledged to continue liaising with businesses, Cumbria County Council and communities to find a sustainable long-term solution.

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