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WATCH: Whitehaven youngster calls for help protect our environment

Iyla (Sarah France Photography)

10-year-old Whitehaven resident Iyla, and her friends at the Whitehaven Harbour Youth Project have been on an environmental mission.

In an impassioned speech recorded at the side of Whitehaven’s marina, Iyla said: “About 8 million tonnes of plastic waste are added to the ocean every year.

“With the help of our community we can raise lots of money for Seabins which can help with plastic and pollution in our oceans.

“All of the sea life won’t be reduced as much because the sea bins will collect up all the waste and pollution.”

This determination to clean up the marina in Whitehaven, West Cumbria to remove waste before it has chance to get into the ocean, and to protect sea life, has been rewarded.

Following a successful pilot project where the youth project and the Whitehaven Marina Team ran one sea bin as a proof of concept, we have invested in 6 additional bins.

Head of community and development for Sellafield Ltd, Gary McKeating said: “This is a fantastic project that will make a real difference to our environment. The project is a credit to the harbour youth project and special thanks to Whitehaven Marina who are maintaining and emptying the Seabins.

“The project is also a great demonstration of our social impact multiplied programme – it was co-created with the community, is sustainable, and will have a positive impact on our local area.”

Stephen Walter, from the Whitehaven Harbour Youth Project, said: “We are really excited about the new Seabins and the education project that we will be able to continue to run thanks to the funding.

“The Seabins will make the harbour look a lot cleaner and with the help of the young people and the wider community we will all be doing our bit to help keep the world’s oceans alive.”

While the seabins will collect plastics and rubbish from the marina, Iyla is keen to remind us all that we can help prevent the waste getting there in the first place.

She closed her video with a clear message. She said: “Please remember to take home your rubbish and recycle.”

The Whitehaven Harbour Youth Project has now re-opened following temporary closure during the pandemic.

The Seabins will be installed later this year.

(Video credit: Sarah France Photography)

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