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Ulverston man sentenced to three-years for assault

Stuart Barclay

An Ulverston man was today (Aug 12) sentenced to three-years in prison for grievous bodily harm and actual bodily harm.

Stuart Barclay, aged 47 of North Lonsdale Road, Ulverston pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing on the 9th March for grievous bodily harm (wounding) and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

In two separate incidents Barclay assaulted the victim.

On 26th of August 2019 Barclay assaulted the victim following an argument after the pair had drinks together, they were unable to get a taxi and Barclay wanted the victim to drive but she refused due to having been drinking.

Barclay then drove stopping near his house. The victim drove the car further leaving Barclay before turning and meeting him again and stopping near him on the road. Barclay became angry and threw something at the windscreen and threw the car keys away.

The woman got out the vehicle and Barclay charged at her and ramming her into the back of the car causing her head to smash through the window pane before he threw her into a hedge and she lost consciousness.

Barclay left the victim on the floor and walked away but he returned sometime later wearing a different coat. He found her car keys, gave them back to her and left.

Following the attack the victim stayed in her car before driving to the hospital where she saw two police officers and left without treatment due to being scared to say who had assaulted her.

The victim returned to hospital later that day and had a large laceration to her liver, a fractured spine, fractured ribs, laceration to her head and bruising all over her body and was admitted to hospital for two weeks.

In another incident on the 1st Feburary the police were called by the victim to report an assault by Barclay in his home address in Ulverston. The victim met officers near to Barclay’s address and provided a statement that the pair had continued to meet despite his Bail condition meeting on the 31st January.

During the evening they argued and Barclay demanded she leaved before picking her up, the victim returned to collect her belongings and Barclay followed and assaulted her. He pulled her from her feet causing her to bang her head on the window sill before falling unconscious.

Barclay then straddled the victim causing bruising and stuffed a cloth in her mouth and poured a pint of water over her face.

T/Detective Constable Crowther “Barclay committed a violent domestic assault and continued to test his boundaries by ignoring the bail conditions in place and attacking the victim for a second time.

“Domestic abuse is a priority for Cumbria Constabulary and we deal with all reports sensitively and professionally. If you are a victim of abuse or know someone who may be suffering, please come forward and we can help you get the support you need and keep you safe.”

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