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Police issue warning following illegal raves in Cumbria

Police are appealing to those who are organising or thinking of attending illegal raves this weekend to think about the potential dangers they are putting themselves and others in.

Since July, officers have shut down three unlicensed music events in Cumbria and have received intelligence that there may be more organised for this weekend, which is being closely monitored.

Our concern is that people attending these unregulated events are at a real risk of danger, whether that be from injuries caused by fights or overcrowding, especially when emergency services are potentially a long distance away from the remote locations where these events are typically hosted.

Another concern is the possibility for drugs mixed with dangerous substances to be taken, which again is a serious and potentially life threatening risk that we would urge people to take into consideration.

We would also like to warn any organisers of these events that they could face fines of up to £10,000 for hosting raves or other illegal gatherings of more than 30 people, as well as the risk that you are creating for all those who attend.

Our aim is to engage with organisers at the earliest opportunity, to explain the consequences and prevent these events from happening.

Superintendent Carl Patrick said: “It is understandable that many people will want to go out and enjoy the good weather. Whilst we want people to have a good time, this needs to be done in a socially  responsible way and in accordance with the law.

“The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many public events being cancelled or postponed. When planning an event or gathering please consult the regulations, and seek advice from the relevant local authority to ensure what you are planning is lawful.

“To those organising these sorts of events, I strongly advise you seriously consider the risks you’re creating for everyone attending and the impact they can have on the wider community. There is a risk of prosecution for those organising these events and the police have powers to seize your equipment.”

If you have any information about a planned illegal rave or unlicensed music event, or about one which is currently taking place, please call us on 101 or 999 in an emergency or email [email protected]

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