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‘Crafty Covid’ Success for Hospice at Home

Geoff Varty

Hospice at Home would like to forward huge appreciation to the kind community who supported the recent ‘Craft In Covid’ Silent Auction. This could not be made possible without the numerous crafters who gave their time, energy and enthusiasm to produce the wonderful array of craft items which included needlework, woodwork, papercrafts, knitted items, pottery, art, the varied list of items was endless, also to the supporters who bid on the 271 lots during the last 2 weeks when the auction was live.

It is with extreme pleasure and gratification the Charity can announce that over £5500 in funds have been raised.

Julie Blundell, Head of Income Generation and Marketing said: “The Charity have been simply overwhelmed by this support and kindness, this craft appeal idea has without doubt captured the passion and hearts of the community, when the idea was initiated by a local Volunteer it was originally planned to be valuable appeal to connect with our loyal and supportive members of the public but we did not foresee the enormous fundraising success achieved and would like to forward a magnificent thank you to all.”

Supporters have relayed this unique appeal has given them the opportunity to ‘give something back’, to say thank you to the Hospice at Home Clinical Team and by helping whether this was by donating or purchasing an item their support is helping ensure that Hospice at Home can continue providing vital care and support to patients with life-limiting or life-threatening illnesses at home at the end of life.

With this great success a further Silent Auction will be planned in the future, more info will be added to the Charity social media pages and website in due course.

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