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Man jailed for damaging Kendal flat after making chilling text threats

Stewart Lea

A MAN who trashed a Kendal flat after making a series of chilling threats to harm the occupant has been jailed.‬

Stewart Lea, 40, sent a host of texts to Carrie Anne Robinson on February 22, two days after their relationship had ended.‬

In messages which escalated in their tone, Lea vowed to harm a man she had previously admitted kissing.

Like her, that man lived in a block of flats at Lound Road from which Lea had been banned because of his drunken and volatile behaviour. ‬

“Wait for the bloodbath,” Lea had stated to Miss Robinson. “I won’t rest until my fists are red.” He also threatened: “I am a fighter. I will put him in intensive care. If not, I will kill him and laugh.”‬

Lea then broke into the man’s while he was out, throwing his television into a shower and turning on the water, caused significant damage to a coffee table and smashed up a phone and watch. The man later told police of his upset that the phone had contained sentimental photographs of his late grandfather, to whom the watch had also belonged.‬

Lea committed another crime during a separate incident in Kendal, on April 24, when he was found in possession of a metal dumb bell bar in the street.‬

He later admitted burglary with intent to commit criminal damage, and offensive weapon possession.‬

Sarah Magill, defending, said Lea, of Kent Street, Kendal, was a “vulnerable adult” who had endured a difficult start to life, and been plagued by drug habit which he had latterly substituted with alcohol misuse.‬

“He asserts that but for the drink he would never have committed these two offences,” said Ms Magill. “In his own words ‘I am not a hardened criminal, I am just an idiot’.”‬

Judge Simon Medland QC jailed Lea for two years. “It was obvious from the text messages,” said Judge Medland, “that you had been building yourself up into a boiling rage against him, making all kinds of hair-raising threats of very serious violence, of damage and, indeed, a threat to kill.”‬

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