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Re-starting the FOUW Understanding Ullswater Evening talks

Red squirrel

Ian Jack, Trustee of the Penrith Red Squirrel Group, will kick-off this year’s Understanding Ullswater Evening Talks at Parkin Memorial Hall, Pooley Bridge at 19.30 on Thursday 3rd September on the subject of:

The Ecology and Conservation of Red Squirrels in the Ullswater Valley

The entire Understanding Ullswater 2020 programme, scheduled to start on April 2nd, had to be postponed because of COVID-19. Now that the Village Halls in the Ullswater Valley have started to open their doors again, the talks are being re-scheduled. They normally take place on the first Thursday of every month, between April and November in local village halls. Some talks will unfortunately have to be carried over to next year. The rules set by Village Hall in relation to COVID 19 will apply to all who wish to attend. Masks will have to be worn.

Tim Clarke, the Chair of the Friends of the Ullswater Way, said: “We are excited that we can re-start our talks programme, albeit on a much reduced scale. We hope to use a mix of ZOOM and live audiences depending upon individual speakers. Further talks are programmed for October and November. During the lockdown period FOUW has not been idle. We hope in the coming months to unveil a new initiative that could transform the way in which heritage knowledge is gathered and disseminated in the Ullswater valley, making such information easily accessible to all. It should have wider repercussions across the Lake District.’’

Background: The Friends of the Ullswater Way (FOUW) was created in April 2016 and has been primarily focused since its inception on the creation of the Ullswater Way Heritage Trail. It was granted Charitable status in 2019.

Further information is available from Tim Clarke, [email protected], 07766946037

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