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Barrow Porsche driver sentenced for speeding

Krog Crosthwaite

A Barrow man has appeared at North and West Cumbria Magistrates Court in Carlisle today (MON) to be sentenced for a speeding offence.

Krog Crosthwaite, 59, gave his address as Holbeck Park Avenue, Barrow-in-Furness.

The court was told the offence took place on March 7, Crosthwaite was clocked doing 61-miles per hour along the A590 Ironworks Road in Barrow, which has a speed restriction of 30mph, over twice the legal limit,  he pleaded guilty by letter to the offence on September 2, he attended court in person today for sentencing.

Krog Crosthwaite is a is a well-known Humanistic Psychotherapist working mainly from his home in Barrow,  court papers show the car registration has a personalised plate.

Crosthwaite informed magistrates that he was helping a friend going to Walney Island, he left her there then received a telephone call saying she was feeling unwell and thought she had COVID-19.

Instead of dialling 999 he thought it would quicker to drive her to hospital, he admitted he thought this was a “a genuine mercy dash by him to get her to hospital”, he said he thought that stretch of road was “dual-carriage way” but now knows this is incorrect.

Crosthwaite went on to explain he acted in good faith in the circumstances and apologised, he did see the speed camera van as he was overtaking a taxi and slowed down immediately, he drives a Porsche Boxer and it can be fast, he is embarrassed to be in court but at the time he thought it was a genuine emergency.

He was fined £300 for the offence of speeding in 30mph zone with court costs of £85 and a victims surcharge of £32,  six- penalty-points were placed on his licence.

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