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Council ensures ‘help is at hand’ to make sure no child goes hungry during this half term

Cumbria County Council, working closely with all partners, have put plans in place to support families in hardship over the coming week. This includes those families whose children would normally receive free school meals as well as those who have found themselves facing financial challenge.

To ensure ‘no child goes hungry’ every area has a range of support and initiatives in place to support  families in need so that they can access emergency supplies such as food.

These arrangements have been coordinated and supported through local community resilience groups to help support the COVID response and recovery efforts.

The County Council has also been working closely with foodbanks and food initiatives across Cumbria to ensure support and essential supplies are in place for the foreseeable future, including half term.

Councillor Suzie Pye, SLDC Portfolio Holder for Health, Wellbeing and Financial Resilience, said: “It has been amazing to see the community response to the pandemic in our area. So many different groups and charities have been working together, alongside SLDC and Cumbria County Council, to ensure that no child need go hungry in South Lakeland.

“There is now a local food initiative in every area of South Lakeland, run by dedicated volunteers. We have also seen a huge response from businesses and members of the public, all keen to do what they can to provide for those in need. I would urge anyone who is finding it hard to feed their family, whether claiming free school meals or not, to use the support directory to find their local food provision.

“We are facing huge challenges, but partnership working is ensuring a co-ordinated and effective response in Cumbria to all aspects of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Anybody in Cumbria, who is experiencing hardship can find a full list of groups and agencies who can provide support to them can be found in a local directory which can be found at

If you are a family in need of food please check your directory which has details of your nearest foodbank or food initiative.

The County Council is also now working with schools to ensure support is also in place for the upcoming Christmas period – again to ensure that families and children are supported during that time.

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