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One lane restriction on Holbeck Bridge, A591

Following a routine assessment of Holbeck Bridge on the A591, some deterioration to the concrete slabs has been identified.  The effect of this is a reduced load-carrying capacity on the northbound lane.

In order to further inspect the damage and make preparations for repair, a one-lane closure under traffic light control has been implemented on the A591.

This will move traffic towards the centre of the road so that vehicles are no longer driving over the the weakened area.

The one-lane restriction will also provide a working width to allow temporary highway widening works to take place in the southbound verge. Once the southbound verge has been re-surfaced, two-way traffic will be reinstated, although the lanes will be narrower over the bridge.

It is hoped that the temporary widening will be completed by the end of next week, at which point the traffic lights can be removed.

The council’s highways team will coordinate this work with other planned works to existing culverts on the A591.

The council apologises for any disruption or delays this may cause.

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