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PCC’s Property Fund aims to increase road safety across Cumbria

Peter McCall

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall’s, most recent Property Fund is aiming to fund projects across the county that increase road safety in Cumbria.

The PCC is encouraging community groups and school groups to bid for funding up to £2,500 to help reduce road injuries and deaths in a local capacity.

Speaking on the Property Fund, Peter McCall, said: “The Property Fund was set up to put money seized from criminals back into the community to help reduce crime.

“As Police and Crime Commissioner, a common issue raised to me by the public from across the county is dangerous and anti-social driving. With the winter months approaching and visibility reducing it is timely that we focus on driving safety and I want to help communities reduce the risks and sad effects of dangerous driving.

“This fund is an opportunity for groups across Cumbria who have plans or ideas to help reduce anti-social driving in their area whether this is through education, intervention or even supporting victims and families of those who have been affected by a road accident.

“I truly believe that road issues can be reduced through a community response which engages local people and that every one of us can make a difference to making the roads a safer place.

“Although the Property Fund focus is road safety, we will be considering all applications whether they are roads focused or not.

“If you think that your project could benefit from this fund please do apply through our website and ‘Property Fund’ page.”

All information regarding the funding can be found on the PCC’s website

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