Cumbria Crack

Raw War Paintball #Ad

The Greatest Group Buzz & Fun Activity Is open for business and accepting groups of up to 30 players due to the fresh outdoor space available at Raw War.

7 Surreal, Newly Purpose Built Game Zones are the largest in Cumbria which provide enough space and cover to turn you into an amazing Long Range Sniper.

So Girls! do not fear of getting shot at close quarters, you can hide and thwack em, all day long.

Run by exceptionally focused and Beady Eyed Marshals, providing the safest possible playing and Covid -19 Safe Environment.

Every one is welcome: Boys and Girls over 11 years of Age, Mams & Dads, Works, Sports & Youth teams, Stag & Hen, Birthdays Parties, Schools, Colleges, Corporate, Emergency and Uniformed Services.

So come on girls let’s get Pig Tailed and slap on the Camo paint for a memorably brilliant time.

Group Deals and Packages available.

Call Chris 01900 826036/ Email: [email protected]

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