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Carlisle woman sentenced for assaulting six police officers

Carlisle Magistrates Court

A Carlisle woman who pleaded guilty to seven offences of assault by beating of an emergency worker, six-different police officers at a previous court hearing has been sentenced by a judge.

Rebecca Stubbs, 23, of  Marks Avenue, Raffles, Carlisle, appeared before District Judge Gerald Chalk sitting at North and West Cumbria Magistrates Court.

There were three offences dated from Tuesday October 6 and four from the next day when one officer was assaulted twice, the judge was told the first set of offences took place outside a women’s hostel in Carlisle at around 7pm, there had been a disturbance, when officers arrived Stubbs was in an agitated state and was volatile towards officers, she kicked out at one officer and spat at another and was Parva-sprayed, Stubbs was then arrested.

The next day while in custody she tried to get out of her police cell and attacked officers by pushing and attempted to head-butt one officer, Stubbs also kicked one officer and pulled their body armour, grabbed their ear piece and kicked another officer in the leg.

Tariq Khawam for Stubbs told the court his client apologised while in custody and is genuinely sorry, she had taken a substance and lost control, these assaults were not premeditated, when police arrived on October 6, Mr Khawam said “all hell broke loose”.

A pre-sentence report was prepared and the judge read this before passing sentence.

Judge Chalk told Stubbs that these offences are serious, these officers were only doing their job at a difficult time, these were horrendous spitting, kicking and an attempting a head-butt.

After reading Stubbs personal history the judge agreed she had had difficult times in her life, but these do not justify the nature of offending.

She was handed a custodial sentence but this would be suspended for a period of one-year, for the three offences on October 6, six- months in prison to run concurrently for each offence and for the four offences from the 7th also six -months on each offence offence to run consecutively, she will also have to attend 20 rehabilitation days run by the Probation Service, the judge awarded compensation of £50 to each officer involved in these assaults.

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