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Cumbria Crack is one to the best places to reach your target audience and one of the few news outlets that cover the whole of Cumbria.

Cumbria Crack has almost half-a-million unique readers a month.

With over 230,000 followers on social media our news is delivered to over two million people a week.

Cumbria Crack reaches more people than advertising on ITV Border and CFM radio.

Compared to print adverts in local papers which only cover a limited area and have falling sales we believe advertising on Cumbria Crack offers great value for money, some of our posts can have a reach of 30,000 to 120,000 on Facebook alone.

Average newspaper sales (data ABC):
News and Star (East) July – Dec 2018 – 4,338
News and Star (West) July – Dec 2018 – 1,671
Cumberland & Westmorland Herald Jan – Dec 2018 – 11,390
Cumberland News Jan – Dec 2018 – 14,502
West Cumberland Times and Star Jan – Dec 2018 – 7,670
Westmorland Gazette Jan – Dec 2018 – 14,894
Whitehaven News Jan – Dec 2018 – 6,213
The Mail (NWEM) July – Dec 2018 – 4,860
inCumbria (online unique visitors per day) July to Dec 2018 Р752
Cumbria Live (online unique visitors per day) July – Dec 2018 – 359

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